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Write Review. Add to favorites. Author s Judson Roberts. Viking Warrior begins the. Viking Warrior by Judson Roberts. Strongbow Saga 1. As it often did, my mind wandered as I worked, and I dreamed I was free, and a warrior. I had no right to harbor such dreams, for I had lived my whole life as a slave and by rights was doomed to die as one.

Yet dream I did, for my dreams allowed me to escape the reality of my life. With each stroke of the broadaxe I imagined I fought against the English, standing shoulder to shoulder in a shield wall with other warriors, other free men. Hrorik, the chieftain who owned me, and the man who had sired me, was in England raiding even now. Most of the free men of his estate and of the nearby village were there with him. If I was free, I told myself, I could be there too. My mother came down to the shore and sat, wordless, on the slope above where I worked. When her duties permitted, which was not often, she liked to come and quietly sit and watch me at my labors.

It embarrassed me for her to watch me so. It made me feel like a child, and once I spoke angrily to her over it.

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But if it distresses you I will stop. I loved my mother, and would not take from her what scraps of pleasure she could find. After a time Gunhild, the wife of Hrorik, my father, stormed down from the longhouse and chided Mother. Get back to the longhouse and your work. This was decent enough. I love the whole Viking era and this book still does give me the satisfaction of reading more stories about it but it's very basic, makes for fast easy reading. I went through it quickly but didn't feel any trepidation or suspense when I should have.

I know it's probably going to be predictable. But I'm still curious about how things I know will happen are going to happen. So moving on to the second book in the series! Jun 30, Heather rated it it was amazing. Viking Warrior, the first of the Strongbow Saga, is an excellent book written in a way that makes you feel as if you are there in the middle of the action.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it and will likely read the rest of the books in the series. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in Vikings or studying Viking history. I loved reading this book!

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It was very very interesting and much better than the Vikings show because it was full of Viking spirituality and adventure. I very much looked forward to reading it every day as it got me thru some rough times. Highly recommended and am starting the next book. Mar 01, Andrew rated it really liked it.

The Road to Vengeance

Constant action and interesting scenarios, conflicts, and resolutions set in the woods in times of old. May 20, Sam rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned. Cool gruesome revenge story about a young viking that has been a slave all his life. Don't get attached to any of the characters, nobody is safe. » the strongbow saga

Mar 31, Dean rated it it was amazing. Lots of action, likable characters. Easy read, great for a day at the beach or lake!!!! Will read the next book in series!!! Jul 12, Sierra M rated it liked it.

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I liked it. It was pretty good, considering I rarely read into a genre like that. Halfdan is a good, strong protagonist you will be rooting for the whole time. Jul 08, Echo rated it did not like it. Oh man. I had so many problems with this book. So so many. The two main problems I had were historical accuracy and a severe wish-fulfillment problem. Halfdan can learn any complicated skill in a month! And as a bonus he learned a bunch of them growing up, despite being a slave!

Oh and no girls. Because this is a boys book. Things I don't like: mild spoilers 1. Margins are almost half the page. His mom is a princess. And wasn't ransomed. Even if her father and fiance were dead, y Oh man. Even if her father and fiance were dead, you don't think her mom or nobles would have ransomed her? He learned how to win a fight with a sword in a month against one of the best vikings in the district.

I've taken sword lessons. It's not nearly that simple no matter how "quick a learner" you are. He knows everything about blacksmithing that the blacksmith knows, because in addition to being a lowly thrall on his dad's lands, he spent the last 6 years helping the blacksmith. The blacksmith would have had an apprentice to teach and a thrall would have just chopped wood or manned the bellows. Besides that, apprenticeships normally lasted 7 years of full day every day work. So the idea that he can learn everything in the 6 years whenever the forge got fired up is ridiculous.

He might know the stories, but he wouldn't have been able to forge anything complicated.

[HD] The Viking - greatest warrior of all

Thralls are just slaves. And Halfdan seems quick to forget about them after becoming a freeman. I dislike books where slaves are faceless and nameless 7. Speaking of that, Halfdan doesn't seem to have feelings for anyone. Super selfish. For the last 3 years he has been making all the bows for the household. He also taught Halfdan how to shoot it, an offense for both he and Halfdan could be killed for. When did he learn to shoot it? In the free time he had where he wasn't learning Latin.

Oh, and when the foreman found out he didn't punish them.