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Package With Marked Italian Queen. Nuc Mesh Transport Bag. Merchant Services. Russian-Italian hybrid queens are mated and marked. Strengths of Russian-hybrid honey bees: Excellent at wintering small cluster needs less food Resistant to varroa and tracheal mites High honey yield same or better than Italian bees Can rear massive amounts of brood in short times to closely follow times of nectar and pollen flow Constantly maintain several supersedure queen cells for immediate queen replacement if the hive loses its current queen Available for pickup at the Clarkson, KY facility or shipment in the continental US.

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BeeFriend Us Sign up for our newsletter. Does mattress keep you cool? Patty on Apr 7, Yes, this mattress has cooling gel-infused memory foam, coupled with body contouring pocketed coils for superior support. Yeah so comfortable too. Jas A on Jul 21, You have to buy a box spring separately. It does need a box spring if you are not putting it on a platform bed frame.

This is a top coil mattress that is rolled up and deflated in a box and when it arrives you open to inflate to full size. It just means that the mattress comes in a box. If you need a box spring you will need to buy one. Can you flip this mattress and sleep on other side?

Farrah M on Jun 20, Due to the pillow-top being on one side, it is not able to be flipped over. Sorry this one doesn't flip, it's a well made mattress, and it does seem to be cooler than most. Would this mattress work with an existing adjustable base? Tabatha B on Aug 10, How much does the queen size mattress weigh?

Joanne F on Jul 22, Yiannoula D on May 10, Thanks for the inquiry. Does this come in a box and will it fit in a smaller SUV?

Alex A on Apr 22, The Chime 10" Hybrid Queen mattress ships in a box with the following dimensions. It would fit in an SUV. Does this come in firm? Terri T on Apr 21, This would be a medium comfort mattress. If you would like a firm mattress, you may be interested in the Chime mattresses below.

iretreat Hybrid Queen 14”

Is it normal for the matress to feel harder than it was at the store? Angel C on Mar 26, After time your mattress will be just like the store with the more its used. Thank you for the inquiry! Questions For Similar Products. Powered by TurnTo. Review More Purchases My Posts. A major reason why my back pain is gone. My morning back pain has gone from debilitating to nearly completely gone thanks to this mattress.

SO worth it! PS - the box Even the UPS guy struggled a bit. It's doable to carry own it's own I bear-hug carried it , but know that in advance. September 27, Brandon S.

Purchased 1 week ago. Great mattress thanks. September 24, Purchased 3 weeks ago. It feels amazing.

The 14″ IDLE Double Sided Hybrid

Alberto R. Purchased 2 weeks ago.

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It was so easy to transition. It was a little scary at first. I have had the best sleep since moving into my new house. Best purchase O have ever made and a really great deal. September 21, Linda M.

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Purchased 1 month ago. Wonderful product, highly recommended. I love this mattress. For the first time in a long time, I'm actually sleeping all night long. September 20, Comfy affordable and great sleep. Both of us have back issues I work 12 hour shifts so being able to get rest is important. Highly recommend. September 16, This mattress is amazing and worth every penny!

Verica R.

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September 13, Love the Chime 10 inch Hybrid Queen mattress. My body can feel the love in the morning. Thanks for the great deal. September 12, Shirley M. September 8, September 7, Amy M. September 6, Laura M. August 29, Teresa P. So far so good. My bed is super comfortable. I could sleep on it for days. Definitely recommend it.

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Vanessa F. Great mattress for a budget friendly price! I was able to move it by myself petite lady in her 20's by pushing it across the floor, but it's pretty heavy- having two people would help.