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They would simply wet the braids or locks, rub in shampoo and rinse the dirt out! It is another way of managing the tiny curls, by shaving them off, creating another famous style. Shaven heads are today popular all around the world. And often in Ancient Egypt, women wore shaven heads under braided hair wigs. Below we see the shaven head of an ancient Egyptian princess.

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Below we see shema written in hieroglyphs. It is often worn in the form of full body wraps, dresses, shawls or sashes.

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Below you can see how Ethiopian shema looks today. Can you recognize the quality of a fabric by its texture? You can see right through. The hieroglyphic word for the fabric reflects both the thinness and the beautiful quality. Shema is a single layer, while netela is made up of two layers of shema and gabi is made out of four layers of shema.

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Kuta is the male version. Below we see kuta written in hieroglyphs. How manby layers does gabi have? It is put on the body with a series of folds or bends. To the right is an illustration of how this was done, as well as the hieroglyph below. Name a few queens of ancient Egypt whom you have seen in a qelese. The handpicked cotton or flax for shema was hand-spun and woven on looms, as you can see in the wooden model from the tomb of Meketre.

Look closely and you see the [S] of shemene behind the loom. If you want to dress like ancient Egyptians, visit your local Ethiopian market and buy shema fabric. Then you can either simply fold it around yourself like a qelese or have it sewn into your favorite clothing style.

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You can also decide how many layers you want. Having looms and the existence of textiles is an evidence of a job-based economy. How do you think the workers were paid? What was the relation between the loom operator and the workers. These are the kind of questions that you need to ask while learning about ancient civilizations.

Quick Quiz: What does the word shemene mean? Find out about other ancient cultures that had a loom. How do means of employment help us understand an ancient society? They also continued using Ethiopian words to describe clothes and getting dressed, as we see below. One of the most ornate fashion accessories in ancient Egypt was the collar. Photo Credit: The Yorck Project As you may have noticed by now, both kwalaeta and chele are the same word as the English, collar.

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Quick Quiz: What is the relation between collar, chele and kwalaeta? We can see an example below. What else can you understand on seeing a necklace? What is the Egyptian word for wire or cord? The finger, of course. What does the ability of the civilization to produce rings reveal to you?

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This first word appears in the Rosetta Stone and represents the adorning of the body. Also, the word anga vastramu in Telugu a language spoken in India is a cloth vastramu strapped on shoulder or around the neck anga. Like the English word neck, the Telugu anga also appears to have its roots from anegete. In this next word, we can see how to put on clothing, a necklace, collar, waist decoration or clothing. The item is put on so that it encircles the neck, waist, or body.

Here the word is spelling out a verb, the action of putting on what is illustrated. Fascinating, right? Did you know there were so many terms in hieroglyphs just for things that were put around the neck or body? We can see from the word spelled out in hieroglyphs that the illustration is that of two objects connected together.

Trace and then draw a few of the hieroglyphs. Name a few verbs you have learned so far. And, speaking generally, their whole diet was ordered with such continence that it had the appearance of having been drawn up, not by a lawgiver, but by the most skilled of their physicians, with only their health in view.

So plentiful and important was the food, that the Ethiopian merchants were made the kings. Below you see a typical Ethiopian meal.

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Photo Credit: Keithk The names of still-popular Ethiopian food dishes are shown below in hieroglyphs. Name a few dishes of the ancient Egypt. Trace and then draw the hieroglyphs. Trace and then draw the white onion hieroglyph. A favorite is Doro Wot do-ro wot. Doro Wot is made with onions, Ethiopian spices, chicken, and boiled eggs.

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It is dished onto a plate or platter covered with an injera. The food is eaten by picking some up with a piece of another injera and putting it in your mouth. After onions are brown, add the spiced butter, stirring gently until melted. Add the berbere Ethiopian hot pepper and stir gently. Stir in the tej honey wine. Add the cardamom, garlic powder, and ginger and stir well.

Producing "Fabulous": Commodification and Ethnicity in Hair Braiding Salons

Rinse off the cut up chicken and add to the pot. Cook over medium-low heat for minutes. While that is cooking, boil the 6 eggs in the smaller pot for minutes. When they are done, peel off the eggshells and rinse off eggs. Set aside. Gently stir in the rest of the water. Add the salt and pepper. Simmer over very low heat for 10 minutes more. Add the boiled eggs and stir very gently. Then remove from the pot and cut up in small pieces after draining water off.

Brown the chopped onions in the medium pan, without oil, until golden brown and tender.