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Washington added a field goal early in the fourth quarter, but a yard pass from Dawson to rookie Elmo Wright put the Chiefs in position to tie the game on a scoring strike from Dawson to the team's first-round draft pick out of the University of Houston. On Kansas City's next drive, Taylor made an incredible leaping catch of a Dawson pass in front of Fischer with remaining, giving the Chiefs their final margin, 27— The Chiefs could not sustain the momentum from the emotional victory, playing to a 20—20 tie against the hated Oakland Raiders before dropping a shocking 13—10 decision to a New York Jets squad forced to play third-string quarterback Bob Davis.

Dawson and Taylor got the home team going with a touchdown pass on the opening drive, but it would be the only time Kansas City reached the end zone.

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The Chiefs led 13—7 early in the fourth quarter before Marv Hubbard's 1-yard touchdown run in the final period gave Oakland a 14—13 lead. Kansas City drove from deep in its own territory to what would be the game-winning field goal, helped by a tripping penalty against Oakland cornerback Jimmy Warren. With the AFC West title secured, the Chiefs rested many of their starters in a 22—9 victory against the woeful Buffalo Bills to close the season.

Updated on Jan 21, Like Comment Share. Roster This is a list of the Kansas City Chiefs' regular starters. Regular season In an interesting coincidence, the Chiefs opened the season in the same location where they closed , in San Diego Stadium against the division rival San Diego Chargers. Standings Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until Joysticks film. Shama Ashna. Medium-length entries, approximately 2, words in length, discuss subjects that have attained significance in the field as core topics.

Short entries of 1, words for the most part describe topics that are relatively new to the field or that are less central to understanding community-oriented policing and problem solving. It will be seen throughout that emphasis is placed on the practical or applied aspects of community-oriented policing and problem solving. Indeed, both esteemed practitioners as well as scholars have been selected to contribute the entries and many of them possess both practitioner and academic experience.

Responses to crime and neighborhood disorder must be realistically tied to available resources and police ingenuity. Furthermore, in these times of fiscal crisis and greater accountability, it is essential to know what works and will afford cost effectiveness. Jim, along with his staff, did the requisite marketing analyses to establish that such an encyclopedia was desirable and necessary; we remained in contact throughout the project duration, and Jim served as a valuable resource throughout.

All of these SAGE professionals were exceedingly professional, patient, and efficient from beginning to end, and a huge debt of gratitude is owed to them. I also appreciate the tremendous assistance of my editorial board, whose names and affiliations are listed in the front matter; I am obviously biased, but I have to believe that this group of experts is as stellar as any that could be convened for this purpose.

They, too, realize that this project represents an exciting yet challenging opportunity to organize and convey the body of knowledge that comprises this discipline. I am very pleased and proud that they opted to join me in this effort.

The board was most invaluable in reviewing the headword list that guided the essay contributions, and provided me with many names of possible contributors. Certainly my editorial assistant—also one of my most capable and intelligent former students and now a successful academic in her own right— Pamela Everett, was key to this project as well.

Pam concentrated on several key portions of each entry to ensure they met certain criteria and specifications.

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As has been the case during the nearly two decades I have observed Pam perform such tasks, her work was stellar. Finally, this encyclopedia is most of all a testament to those contributing authors who devoted their time, effort, and expertise toward developing their entries and thus served to explicate community policing and problem solving. I wish each of them the very best in both their professional and personal endeavors. Following are brief descriptions of selected problem-solving initiatives throughout the United States. Others were adapted from joint publications of the U.

Note for each case study the creative responses that were developed to address the problems, following a scanning and thorough analysis for each. Where information is available, assessment information of the response is given as well. Following is a brief explanation of these four stages of the SARA scanning, analysis, response, assessment problem-solving model:.

Scanning is where officers first look for a pattern or persistent, repeat incidents, and whether or not a problem exists and whether further analysis is needed. Response is implementing the most effective, tailored means of dealing with the problem; responses may be wide ranging and involve private and other government organizations e. Assessment determines whether the responses implemented were effective, and might include such criteria as numbers of arrests, levels of reported crime, response times, clearance rates, citizen complaints, and various workload indicators, such as calls for service and the number of field interviews conducted; if not effective, then new solutions must be developed and implemented.

The following case study is based on a serious traffic problem in central California that persisted for several years during the mid- and late s and was successfully addressed by the California Highway Patrol. Collisions of farm-labor vehicles were not uncommon in this area during the peak harvest season May through September , when about , farm-labor jobs are available; with this influx comes increased traffic congestion, road infractions, and operation of unsafe vehicles.

Analyzing farm-labor vehicle collisions proved to be challenging for the California Highway Patrol CHP due to discrepancies in how data were recorded. At a minimum, however, thorough data analysis showed an estimated farm-labor collisions, with 20 fatalities and injuries, during a recent three-year period.

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An examination of relevant statutes and regulatory laws showed room for improvement. Furthermore, language barriers and the farm-working culture affected outreach efforts and hindered efforts to improve farm worker safety. With the support of the CHP, the California State Legislature passed two bills to enhance the safety of farm workers and their vehicles. These laws made provisions for the following:.

These positive results have continued to the present day. Source : California Highway Patrol. Corridor Safety Program—A collaborative approach to traffic safety. Excellence in Problem-Oriented Policing , 5— In , several problems occurred in a produce market in Miami, Florida—a market that is a hub for the commercial shipping of fresh produce for the southeast United States.

The following cases study describes how the police addressed these various problems. Local supermarkets, cruise ships, and mom-and-pop stores rely on the market for their daily produce as well. Over several years, the market area experienced an increase in the homeless population as well as in crime, causing the overall quality of life in the market to decline in this three-by-five-block area.

Because of these problems, business operators allowed their facilities to deteriorate, and eventually garbage-strewn parking lots, vacant lots, improper disposal of rotted produce, and overflowing garbage bins became more prevalent and contributed to general pollution and sanitation and health hazards. Traffic problems also abounded. Officers analyzed calls for service and crime statistics for the market and surrounding neighborhoods, noting an average of 23 business burglaries per month in the market; they also interviewed patrol officers and code-enforcement personnel.

They found that the location and layout of the market contributed to traffic congestion and noise problems. The fundamental problem at the market was that businesses had been allowed to operate with very little oversight by organizations charged with regulating health, sanitation, and pollution problems. Nearby residents suffered from criminal victimization, traffic congestion, and decreasing property values. A response plan was designed to mitigate the problems, causes, and underlying conditions. The following five goals were established for the response plan:.

A key component of the plan was an increased presence of police and code-enforcement personnel, particularly to explain the response plan to business owners and vendors, who were urged to comply with code requirements by constructing locked, fenced enclosures around their individual trash bins. To alleviate the traffic problems, officers worked with the commercial truck operators to develop improved parking, unloading, and turnaround facilities; a complete road redesign project was initiated for the market area.

Officers and business association owners also produced a video for vendors that explained proper disposal of garbage. The overall reported crime rate and calls for service in and around the target area declined during the following year, with reported business burglaries decreasing from an average of 23 per month to fewer than five per month. The transient population disappeared almost entirely, and traffic congestion was significantly reduced.

Health and sanitation hazards were also reduced or eliminated; nearly all businesses were brought into compliance with codes and regulations. New businesses were attracted to the area, and annual sales of all businesses in the market increased. Source : Columba, M. Problem Solving Quarterly, 14 2 , 4—6. For several years, the Charlotte—Mecklenburg Police Department had made domestic assaults a priority and worked to analyze those cases, intervene, and reduce their occurrence in the community. A more thorough analysis of domestic assault reports showed that the average victim had filed nine previous police reports, most involving the same suspect but sometimes crossing police district boundaries.

Many of the prior reports were for other indicator crimes, such as trespassing, threatening, and stalking. Most repeat call locations were domestic situations. It became clear that it was best to regard the victim and suspect as hot spots instead of the traditional fixed geographic location. Officers developed a tailored response plan for each repeat offense case, including zero tolerance of [Page ] criminal behavior by the suspect and use of other criminal justice and social service agencies.

A Domestic Violence Hotline voicemail system for victims was also initiated, which victims could use to report miscellaneous incidents involving a suspect.

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Officers developed detailed case files and created a separate database with victim and offender background data. The database tracks victims and offenders as hot spots moving from one address to another and across patrol district boundaries. Repeat calls for service were reduced by Only No complaints against officers were generated by officer contacts with residents. Source : Charlotte—Mecklenburg Police Department.

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Baker One domestic violence intervention project. The following case study demonstrates the kinds of problems that can plague a residential neighborhood once the area has deteriorated over a period of two decades. During the late s, North Tulsa experienced consistently higher crime rates than the rest of the city.

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Nearly half of the violent crimes reported occurred in this section of the city, which for a long time has been a depressed, low-income area, lacking in adequate services. In an attempt to determine the nature of the crime problem in North Tulsa, a special management team of Tulsa police officials conducted a study and decided to concentrate on five public housing complexes where high crime rates and blatant street dealing existed.

Officers assigned to the target area noticed in the housing complexes large groups of school-age youth who appeared to be selling drugs during school hours. It also reported the highest number of pregnant teenagers in the school system. Officers also knew that few of the juveniles observed in the complexes had legitimate jobs, and that several of them appeared to be lured into drug dealing because of the easy money. Supervisors at the Uniform Division North precinct arranged volunteers into two-officer foot teams, assigned to the complexes on 8-hour shifts.

The teams were expected to visit and establish a rapport with residents to assure them that police were present to ensure their safety. Within a month, officers verified juvenile involvement in drug trafficking. On those occasions when officers made an arrest, the youth often reappeared in the complex the next day. A strategy was needed to provide programs to deter youth from selling or using drugs.

Officers S. To provide positive role models for young men, the officers started a Boy Scout troop in the [Page ] complex for boys between 11 and 17 years of age. In addition, they started a group called SHARE stand, help, and rid evil , which worked to raise money for needy residents and police-sponsored youth activities. Those receiving help from SHARE agreed to participate in programs geared to improving life and job skills. Volunteers came from the churches and the civic groups where Officer J.

Officers B.