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Yeah, I think most non-Arsenal fans forget how good that side was. They never really recovered from Birmingham, did they. Ryan got down very smartly and stretched to his left to beat it away. Lucas Moura has been great since coming on.

Crespo, Dino Baggio, Thuram, and a young Buffon We were at the end of our 9-in-a-row run and winning Scottish cups hand-over-fist so this nomination may sound a bit odd until one looks at Europe. All managed by Jock Stein. Under Ferguson, say, can you imagine any player, no matter how good, showing that level of indifference to the club and not being immediately sold?

Well, it happened with Ronaldo and Keane. But they were the best player in the team on each occasion, so I take your point. He almost scored with a confident lob at Newcastle the other week, and both goals today have had a touch of class. I think we did a Joy of Six on this once. Edit: yes, we did. This is some full debut for Aaron Connolly. Then he cut back inside, shifted the ball away from Alderweireld and cracked a superb low shot into the far corner from 15 yards. Gross goes for goal from a ludicrous angle, whipping a brilliant disguised effort off the top of the crossbar. All things move toward their end.

There are tens of reasons; I suspect the biggest is a vague, self-perpetuating inertia. This time Stephens belts his volley over the bar. Updated at 1. Dier was booked for blocking Connolly off the ball. Is VAR allowed to recommend first yellow cards?

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VAR are looking at it while play goes on. Arsene knows knew. His low cross is kicked behind by the stretching Webster. This is better from Spurs.

They already look livelier than in the first half, although they managed that just by taking the kick off. Spurs begin the second half. They have made a change, with Harry Winks replacing Tanguy Ndombele. That means a switch to a back three, with Eric Dier alongside Aldertonghen. With champions, their flaws are forgotten or re-framed as strengths, or tests of will. Nearly teams? Much more like us; much more, well, human really. Spurs will be one of them, in the Hall of Near Fame. Og dat var Danmark.

Brighton lead Spurs at the Amex Stadium. In their defence, they were stunned by a double blow in the third minute, when Hugo Lloris gave away a terrible goal and suffered a sickening elbow injury in the process. Aaron Connolly, making his first Premier League start, scored the second, and Spurs must be very glad to hear the half-time whistle.

It looked like Maupay had taken the ball out of play, and I suspect it would have been overturned by VAR had they scored. Actually, it would have gone wide, but it was still a promising move from Spurs.

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Instead they had an unimaginably miserable first five minutes, with a comedy goal and a hideous injury to Hugo Lloris. From where they are sitting, parents can keep an eye on their children, which helps put them at ease. Our TeamUp sessions provide children and their parents a moment of relaxation and fun. The children are greeted with a "box" or a "high five". We start the TeamUp session in a circle, clapping and singing. Most children smile, their eyes starting to sparkle, shaking off their dullness.

TeamUp session on a few square meters

Except for Guillermo, he is still closed off, just observing and listening. One of the boys, Enrique, likes to sit next to me. He smiles. His younger sisters are having a lot of fun. We sit in a circle with our legs stretched out and we tap a toy, in lieu of a ball, towards each other with our legs. The toy an airplane makes it around the circle.

The children concentrate, follow the plane, completely absorbed in the activity. Now, the toy plane can be picked up and thrown into the hands of another child - after you say, if you want, where you would like the plane to take you. Sofia says she wants to go to Brazil, Enrique wants to go to the United States and Felipe wants to go to the moon.

In this way, all the children can share their dream journey with each other. Then Guillermo says "I want to go to Venezuela. Mother with daughter in one of the places in Colombia where TeamUp is active. Despite everything, Venezuelan children get the chance to play and forget - for a moment - with TeamUp.

Some children are a banana, others are a mango or guava. When I call 'banana', all children who are bananas, change places. Even though it's not easy in this tiny space, it is going well. Children move quietly past each other and can hardly wait until their fruit is called again. During the game, Eva tells us she has to go. She is already starting to walk away when my colleague says: "Wait a minute!

We want to thank you for playing. She joins her family who is already waiting with bags in her hands. She takes her younger brother's hand and continues her journey. The fruit salad game is still going. From the corner of my eye, I can see the mother of three surrounded by bags.

Forget Me Nots • Patrice Rushen • Piano Cover

She is sleeping. Her head is resting against the wall, her left hand relaxing on the backpack. Knowing that her children are in good hands, just for a moment, she gains a little moment of rest. She probably has a long journey ahead of her. Where is she going? Where will she and her children sleep tonight?

We immediately appoint her as a teacher, which causes her beam. The smile remains on her face until the end of the TeamUp session.

We play 'papa caliente' or 'hot potato'. All the children already know it. They undoubtedly learned it at school or on the street in Venezuela. One activity after the other.

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The games are deliberately low-intensity. The children likely arrived at the bus terminal feeling tired, but they are not showing any signs of it during the session. Just sparkling eyes, radiant faces.