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Organic horticulture focuses on ecosystem management rather than the use of chemical agricultural inputs, such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. It aims to protect long-term soil fertility and prevent pests and diseases. Ultimately, organic horticulture promotes health, equality and care for all living things and future generations.

Organic farming is an alternative to conventional agriculture and contributes to coping with the challenges of the climate change worldwide. We believe vocational education can help young people to build critical job skills and realize their professional dreams in the field of organic horticulture. Our projects leverage experience from the vocational education and training programmes in countries like Switzerland and Germany. They are based on a dual track system which combines practical training with theoretical instruction. The apprentices, or trainees, work on a part-time basis in a host company and take classes at a vocational education school the rest of the week.

In this way, the graduates not only have knowledge in organic horticulture but also work experience with key companies in the sector.

Fall in Colorado

We want to introduce young people to the labour market reality and offer them tools to become successful entrepreneurs. Today is. GridFree and Self-Sufficient. The hope of many for the future is to be off all the grids. Gas, Electricity and Water supplies are all controlled by large utilities corporations who hike up the prices whenever they feel like it.

The family-of-four living off-grid - BBC News

Large supermarket chains control the food supplies, ruthlessly putting smaller shops out of business, and offering foods that are full of often dangerous chemical additives, preservatives and colourings. The processed food industry controls most of the products that most people use to survive, and an increasingly greater share of the fresh produce that we all need for appropriate nutrition.

These private corporations are permitted to include a wide range of poisons that are designed only to extend the shelf-life of their products. Don't be a hostage to these parasites any longer. Learn about micro-generation of energy, permaculture and organic gardening, and how to set up and run home businesses that can eventually make you self sufficient in the basics of life. And, now that we have passed "PEAK OIL" , and the wells around the globe begin to dry up, peoples everywhere are looking to an uncertain future where the only sensible personal policy is to strive towards self-sufficiency.

Growing as much of your own foods as you can, maybe keeping chickens, geese, a pig and a few sheep is the ideal way to guarantee your children's future, though unfortunately not one that everybody is able do right now.

Scotland's "Orcadians" Lead The Way In Energy Self-Sufficiency

But that doesn't stop people from experimenting with backyard farming - growing your own saladings in pots, or even growing some herbs, tomatoes or whatever you like to eat in growbags and window-boxes on the balconies of high-rise blocks. The recent summit meeting in Copenhagen was NOT about so-called anthropogenic man-made global warming. It was simply about new ways to tax everyone in the whole world. The 'solutions' that were proposed by the leaders of all the countries that attended were desperate efforts to save their respective centralised energy grids.

ONLY with centralised energy generation and distribution can consumers be taxed. What they really fear is the fact that they simply cannot tax you if you don't consume the commodities that are centrally controlled - hence the CO2 scam and The Great Global Warming Swindle. Now that the integrity of many of the IPCC Assessment Reports, and especially their 'Summary for Policymakers' documents are coming under independent scrutiny, the dishonest and unscientific manner in which these publications were compiled is becoming ever clearer.

Furthermore, the glaciers in the mountains of New Zealand have been expanding for a number of years , even during those years that the global warming disinformation networks were telling us were the warmest since records began - or some similar nonsense. Some of the books and information sources on this page were compiled and written when the CO2 scam and the great global warming swindle were at their height and their disinformation networks were in full swing.

This means that many of the authors were influenced by the climate change disinformation that the whole world has been bombarded with over the past few decades. Nevertheless, the many and varied brilliantly practical ideas on how to become genuinely self-sufficient are still as valid now as they were before the "ClimateGate" scandal erupted in November Simply ignore the global warming stuff and get on with the job Until you try you never know what you can achieve.

Everything you do grow helps you along the road to becoming self-suffcient. Fresh food from your garden or windowbox means lower food bills and more money to pay for your own micro-generation - now that must be worth a try Practical Self-Sufficiency a selection of books to educate us all in how to become self-sufficient.

Some titles may not be available in both US and UK editions Featured Title publication date - April Get This Book From: Amazon. Using the latest discoveries from the geological record, he argues that life might be its own worst enemy. This stands in stark contrast to James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis--the idea that life sustains habitable conditions on Earth.

In answer to Gaia, which draws on the idea of the "good mother" who nurtures life, Ward invokes Medea, the mythical mother who killed her own children. Could life by its very nature threaten its own existence? According to the Medea hypothesis, it does. Ward demonstrates that all but one of the mass extinctions that have struck Earth were caused by life itself.

He looks at our planet's history in a new way, revealing an Earth that is witnessing an alarming decline of diversity and biomass--a decline brought on by life's own "biocidal" tendencies. And the Medea hypothesis applies not just to our planet--its dire prognosis extends to all potential life in the universe. Yet life on Earth doesn't have to be lethal. Ward shows why, but warns that our time is running out. Breathtaking in scope, The Medea Hypothesis is certain to arouse fierce debate and radically transform our worldview.

It serves as an urgent challenge to all of us to think in new ways if we hope to save ourselves from ourselves. For those comforted by the notion of a benevolent Gaia working to sustain life on the planet, Ward's Medea is a nightmare, one that has recurred many times in Earth's history and is coming again soon, unless we take action to combat the self-annihilating tendency of the biosphere.

5 Challenges of Urban Homesteading

This book gives you all the information you need and more! From planning your 1 or 5 acre plot to crop rotation, from making beer, bread and rollmops to building a furnace! Essential accessory to self-sufficiency, whether you need to remove a tree stump, butcher livestock, harness a ploughhorse, plan your dairy, brew beer, dress stone or even distilling! The drawings are stunning, exquisitely drawn and incredibly clear.

However, we could organize our lives to be able to feed and clothe ourselves and our children on our own, with our bare hands, if we wanted, and, more and more Americans are deciding this is, in fact, something they want, creating an expanding marketplace. Where can one pursue the self-sufficient life? When I ask myself this question, the first place that comes to mind is Belize, where I happen to be this week.

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Belize was founded by pirates and, as an expat friend who lived most all his life in Belize used to remind me often, a country never escapes its roots and settled by the English. The English, though, in this part of the world, were under such constant pressure from Spain that they were reluctant to establish any formal government to manage Belize for at least a century. From the beginning, as a result, Belizeans had to be self-sufficient. These two founding characteristics remain the driving forces behind Belizean culture. The country has always attracted expats who value independence and freedom.

The point is that, today, there are a whole lot more of these folks shopping for options. Carmelita Gardens is a planned community with self-sufficiency at the core of the planning.

Gardens and orchards are interwoven with the housing lots so that owners can grow their own food. You can participate directly by planting and harvesting or you can simply take advantage of the fruits and vegetables grown onsite that will be made available for residents. Each home in Carmelita Gardens will be self-sufficient, too.